The first European joint-stock company in Slovenia

Clavis Prosperitatis Societas Europea was founded in 2018 with the vision to build the future in the field of digitalizing financial markets and developing virtual means of payment using the blockchain technology.

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We are developing innovative technological ideas and financial solutions in the global financial markets.

We are an entrepreneurial promoter of technological projects based on blockchain technology and on the merging of digital software solutions.

We provide high returns to private and institutional investors in the management of crypto investment funds and guarantee the security of their investments.


Lower risk and stable yield

If you are a conservative, old-school investor, but you are still looking for high returns with a safer investment policy, this fund is what you are looking for.

Two investment funds

We are currently preparing two investment funds, Summa CHN and Constatia CHN, which will be divided according to their investment structure. They combine the management of capital in cryptocurrencies with security in classical investments.


High risk and profitability

​The Fund is intended for those who want more adrenaline in their financial decisions. If you want a higher profit, you should accept the risk of a possible drop in value. The fund consists of three pillars.


Gfact is a web portal that will digitalise the world of factoring. By applying financial and technological solutions it will bring together sellers, buyers and factors under a single trading system that operates on a global level. Transactions will be based on the currently most secure blockchain technology and your own digital currency. Users and providers of factoring services will have access to low-cost financing, while the service will also be provided to new users who to date had no access to this financial service due to the situation on local markets.
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The EULegalis portal allows global users to obtain legal information - wherever and whenever they need it- wherever and whenever they need it..


FyDARY is a web portal and business service where users can create in a simple manner investment and economic products that can be used for the trading or regulation of mutual business and investment relations. This enables project promoters to trade their own assets globally and to seek investors regardless of their current location. Fydary as a service facilitates the tokenisation of assets, such as real estate, movable property, rights and investments.
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CREstory - Creative Assets Repository is a digital library of creative contents that offers invisible copyright protection. The system functions as a marketing platform for creative concepts and the distribution of the related contents.


SeNSiE is a web platform that strives to provide new services and bring together all participants under a unique trading and investment system through innovative financial and technological solutions. The portal is intended for savers, providers of additional pension and annuity savings services, external investors and others. The idea of the project based on blockchain technology is to trade, save and invest in additional pension and annuity savings policies.


Did you know?

ARHIVE 2019 / 2018


Our advantage is the integration of classical and crypto- investments.

Investments Guarantee.
Is offer through diversification of investments in two basic funds – Summa CHN and Constantia CHN.

We reduce the risk in funds via the optimization of investments based on innovative strategies that promise gradual and stable returns.

Our highly qualified team of IT professionals ensure the highest level of security by applying the latest digital security standards.
Professional approach.
Our skilled professionals engage in the analysis and understanding of financial markets and cryptocurrencies with proficiency and competence.

Rapid response.
Applying our comprehensive and analytical approach, we respond promptly to changes in the world markets and modern technology.

We reduce costs by accumulating returns.








We invite you to join us in designing this unique story.
With innovative ideas, knowledge and strong financial values, we will enter the world market.
Let us become pioneers in the field of new digital technologies supporting various service projects.

Our investment funds are a novelty in the financial world.
We aim at fusing the old and new capital, thus nurturing profitable projects
and ensuring security in crypto-currency trading.


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With confidence in the future!

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